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Emergency Information
Should you have an emergency or there be a general emergency at the Plantation,
first get to a safe place,
then call 911
Identify yourself, tell the Dispatcher you are at Albemarle Plantation, and provide more detail about your location if you can (e.g., I'm at the Marina, or I'm at the Golf Shack).  The Dispatcher may try to keep you on the line.  Tell them that you must hang up and call someone else then you will call them right back if you can.

call the Security Gate (252-426-4657, 6AM to 10PM daily).  This is important because the Security Gate can help you locate immediate assistance and will help responders find you.  After hours call ????

call 911 Dispatcher back if you can to help direct emergency responders to the location of the emergency.

Rest assured that you are not alone!

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